Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blog Schedule and Update

So I'm getting ready to move here in about a week. My life as a new mom has been a busy one and as my son get's older I hope my time becomes somewhat more free.

So next month I'll be trying out a schedule where you'll be able to see a consistant blog posting every week.

I haven't worked out the exact days on when you'll see things but at least once a week you'll see the following:

Fashion Icon spotlight

30 under 30

and a Pinterest Review (where I'll make a popular pinterest pin and review it)

Also expect to see at least one fashion icon inspired DIY a month
A spotlight on one great DIYer making a living:
And one regular DIY a month
Once I become settled I'll let you know when to expect your weekly DIYs. Until then- please enjoy the upcoming diys. 



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