Sunday, August 15, 2010

Milla Jovovich T-Shirt Bathing Suit

My boyfriend's celebrity crush would have to be hands down Milla Jovovich. Ever since she said "Big-Bada-Boom!" on Fifth Element he's been in love. So as a nod towards here I bring you her T-Shirt swim suit (not really suitable for swimming)

First step is to find your T-shirt and lay it out flat.

The next step is going to be the most difficult step of the whole bathing suit making. You have two choices:
1. Measure around your hips and divide that by two and the guess on making the proper hour glass shape you will need to make in order to get the proper bathing suit bottom.
2. Take an old pair of underwear that you don't wear anymore- cut it open and use it as a template. Lay the back piece on the bottom of your t-shirt so that the top of the back runs along the hem of the shirt and the top is facing up.

It seems really confusing but if you go with 2 its pretty easy.

At any rate- after you draw out the bottom half of your suit you are going to draw up in a slight angle and cut AROUND the collar of your shirt. Your piece should look like the picture above.

From there you will begin to cut strips from just below your collar to where your bottom should start, if you are confused just use your panties as a guide.

From there you will carefully clean up and cut out the collar of your shirt.

At this poing, if you flip over the bottom half of your suit you will see it take the shape you want. I suspect that the "designer" of Milla's photoshoot just safety pinned her in but I decided to go with a draw string.

By going to the remaining bit of t-shirt I had, I cut out a long strip and stretched it out then using a safety pin I pulled it through the hem of my t-shirt.

Next cut out another strip of fabric and cut in half and stretch. Sew those strings to the front of the suit so you can tie your bottoms on.

At this point you should make any adjustments needed for your suit to fit correctly. You can wear it as it is with a bikini top under it or you can make the top she wore in her photo shoot out of the remaining t-shirt. I don't recommend the latter if you are a busty woman.

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