Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pleated Dress

So in my desperate need for maternity clothes that I could afford (ahem free), I hit up a church clothing drive and found this hidious dress among the stock piles.

I knew I could do something with this frumpy 80s dress so I took it.

First I seperated the shoulder pads from the top and then removed the skirt from the blouse.

The skirt was pleated which was spectacular.

It reminded me of this DIY dress I found on Pinterest.

(click on the picture to view her tutorial).

I made a few minor adjustments to compensate for my belly and rather than using fray check I plan to do a rolled hem on my sleeves. I have worn this dress once and got a lot of compliments on it so needless to say, it will get worn again.

Sorry, no pictures showing off my baby bump- it's a bit too much work for me to pull out my tripod for a picture shoot right now. But I love the dress anyway and I know I'll still get wear out of it once I've had my baby.

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