Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Transformer Peplum Top

I picked up this transformer top at a thrift shop while I was pregnant, it made a good go-to shirt and I wore it in the hospital after. But now that I'm slowly getting my body back, I'd like to see this top become something more.
So I thought about it, and decided to go with a popular trend that will help to cover my post-pregnancy belly-- a peplum top.
Start by trying on your top and deciding where you want your peplum at. Mark that spot.
Cut the bottom of your top off where you marked.
Fold the top portion of your shirt in half and using a shirt that fits you, mark the outline of your new fitted top.
Cut out your new top leaving space for seam allowance.
Re-cut your sleeves to fit your new arm holes.
With right sides together, pin and sew your sleeves in place.
With right sides together again, pin and sew along the sleeves and sides of your shirt.
Next take the bottom part of your shirt that you cut off earlier, mark 4 mid-points on the bottom as well as the top of your shirt. Pin the two pieces together at those points with right sides together.
Gather your peplum to fit your top and sew.
You can be done if you want at this point.
But I didn't like the sleeves- so I removed them.
I also didn't like the collar so I removed that also.
I finished by removing the bottom hem and making the back a razor back.


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