Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pearls and Swine and Hats by Leko

I've always loved hats. When I was a kid growing up, I had a collection of fancy hats that I had hanging on my wall. (I kid you not). When I was around 16-17 I started teaching myself how to mold and create hats for my work as a living historian. This year for my birthday I asked my parents to get me a few hat forms from the wholesale millinery company Hats by Leko. I was super excited to pick out my hat frames and went with the following;

A pancake hat  frame(something I've wanted since I saw Tori Amos wear one at a concert)

A 'flapper' hat (cloche) as I really love them.

 A tear-shaped fascinator.

And finally for my Regency reenactments a twisted seagrass hood,

that can be blocked to make the famous poke bonnet Kate Winslet wore in Sense and Sensibility.

So after getting these amazing frames I began to shop the web for some inspiration and I discovered an amazing company called Pearls and Swine.

She makes fantasy hats and who doesn't want to live in a fantasy?

So like most people, I liked these two company's on facebook and lo and behold, a week later Pearls and Swine did a drawing/giveaway. I entered and today the winners were announced and I won! I'm so excited as I've never actually won anything from any giveaway and I really love this company. The amazing and talented woman behind these amazing hats has also decided to do monthly giveaways so you all need to check her out!


Hats by Leko
Hats by Leko on facebook

Pearls and Swine
Pearls and Swine on facebook

I'm so excited I could hug myself! (and if you knew how little I like hugs you'd probably realize what a big deal that is)

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