Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Peasy H&M inspired Dress

So while browsing the forums at Threadbanger I saw this awesome sauce dress that someone wanted to know how to make.

It was by H&M and was being sold on ebay. The measurements provided were 60" bust and 38" long. I decided this would be an easy piece of work.

To start off with you're going to need your fabric of choice- the great thing about this dress is you can use any type of fabric you like and it will work.

I used a non-stretch cotton.

Lay your fabric folded in half as such.(The Pink/Red line is where your folds should be)

Fold in half again this time folding it the new long way.

Now you are going to need a long-sleeved shirt. Lay this shirt folded in half along the new fold.

Cut where your head hole should be. Since my material isn't a stretch material I went back and cut my hole a bit larger than what you see in the picture.

Next you are going to lay your sleeves along the top of your fabric.

Now here is where it gets a bit tricky because you have to measure how far in you cut your sleeves. The original dress had a bust of 60" and I have a bust measurement of 33" so the 60" bust worked for me. With that in mind your dress should be 30" wide on the front and 30" wide on the back and since my fabric and yours should be folded in half that makes for a 15" front. This left me with about 5" for my sleeves.

I lay my measuring tape from the center fold to the edge of the fabric and cut to the 15" mark.

From that mark I cut straight down.

The next thing you will do is flip your dress inside out and hem the sleeves and the collar of the neck.

Once that is finished you will sew along the outline of the dress (you will sew along the bright blue lines)

The last thing you will do is hem the bottom of the dress.

Finally the only thing left to do is to belt it and wear it!

I suspect I will go back and add pockets to my dress just for something a bit more whimsical.


  1. THIS IS AWESOME. I love quick and easy, loose fitting dresses. That and I have a lot of material that needs to be used up. I kind of had a "MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! YEEEEEESSS" moment when I saw it. (Picture a mustache being twirled, it completes the moment.)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I recently bought a belt that I have nothing to wear with. This tutorial seems really approachable!!! :3 I can't wait to try to make some of these to go with my new belt. <3 the dress you made and thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  3. I'm glad you both loved it so much! I really love this dress and have been wearing it out everywhere since I've made it. It totally looks like a big hospital gown when it isn't belted but the moment you belt it is awesome! And the dress is really super easy to make.

  4. I'm attempting to do this and how big is the block of fabric that you started with?

    Mine is 62 inches by at least a yard. :/

  5. thank you! im about to go try this with some lace material i have!

  6. Found this through pinterest. What a great idea! Thanks!
    Check out my blog if you want! Hope you like it!

  7. hey i luv the idea but how many yards of fabric do u need? please respond back:)

  8. Not many. I used this with about 2 1/2 yards. Of course its different with everyone depending on your size.