Monday, May 9, 2011

Cat Ears Headband Tutorial!

I love these! I was totally inspired by this photo of Gwen Stefani!

What you'll need for this project:

Straight pins
Stretch fabric
1 pipe cleaner
Sewing machine
Zipper foot
Tape measure

Start by measuring around your head and cutting a piece of your stretch fabric the length of your head by however wide you want your headband to be x2.

Cut out your cat ears as well.

Turn your ears right sides together and sew- then turn right sides back out.

Bend your pipe cleaner and fit it into your ear.

Cut off the excess pipe cleaner. Repeat for second ear.

Using your zipper foot, sew as close as you can around your pipe cleaner to hold in place.

Mark where you want your cat ears. Make sure they are puuurrrrfectly even with each other.

Cut slits where you marked your ear holes to be. Do this with great caution- you don't want uneven ears!

Pin your cat ears in place and sew.

Sew your headband together. For me this meant, sewing the band into a loop and then sewing a top stitch all the way around the open end to close it shut.

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  1. Oh my goodness your ears are amazing and I totally want to make this!