Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oh what a long way we women have come. We went from drudging around in long skirts and corsets to wearing tight jeans and corsets??

Oh yea ladies we've come a very long way in our history.

It seems that no matter how far we have come women will never get away from corsets. I was given a charm key chain once and the largest charm on it was a corset.

Women get piercings that they lace up for a corset affect. This is one aspect of corsets I cannot understand. I keep thinking how badly that would rub against your bra. And if you are only thinking that women get this done on their back--- think again. Women are getting more and more creative with their piercings anymore.

(F.Y.I don't google search this piercing if you're squirmish because there are some sick photos out there)

I must admit I love corsets.
Some of my favorite corsets come from a Gothic shop called Heavy Red.

I wish I could make my boobs look that small.

I love the look of this corset- its unique from the standard corsets we see anymore.

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