Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh My Goth!

Love love love this piece! It is so sexy it's not even funny.

I'm not normally a vest girl- and lord knows you wouldn't see many goth sporting a vest but this is so amazing I just fell for it.

This dress is a total Etsy steal, but with that hood you couldn't go wrong.

Another amazing Etsy dress.

I am in so much lust for this dress you can probably hear me panting over it through your computer screen.

After seeing this photo, I fully believe that every little goth girl should walk around with curlers in her hair.

The model in these photos is about as gothic as a cheerleader but the clothes speak for themselves.

Heavy Red Fashions

You can pick up a sequins tank top at just about every store now-adays but only Heavy Red has managed to make one "goth"

Every little goth girl needs something like this in her closet.

I am so in love with this top that I will not rest until I have one, even if I must make it myself, which is the more likely scenario.

Something about the zippers on the thighs of these leggings facinate me.

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