Thursday, September 2, 2010

T-Shirt Vest Tutorial

I decided that making one of those trendy vests that you see everywhere going for like $20 is an easy make so I made one with a t-shirt I had laying around. I totally plan on making an edged out version of this vest later when I get the materials to do so. What's super awesome about this vest is it can be a sew or no-sew vest and there are millions of different ways to make it unique.

Every guy has tons of these under-shirts laying around, so steal one from your boyfriend/dad/brother whomever, they won't notice and make this cute vest!

Begin with a men's L or XL t-shirt of your choice.

Cut the sleeves off of your shirt. If you are going to be doing the sewing part of this project keep your sleeves for later.

Cut the excess hang off of your shirt.

Cut the back of your shirt into a racer back.

Remove the collar of your t-shirt. If your t-shirt isn't a v-neck like mine is cut yours into a v-neck.

Cut your shirt down the center.

This is probably the most complicated part of this project. Start at the bottom of the front of your vest were you cut in half. Cut above the hem of your shirt and remove the hem cutting your vest in a curve so that it is shorter in the back than it is in the front.

If you are not sewing this project then you are so done and can rock your shirt as is. But if you want to jazz your vest up then continue below.

(optional) Take your sleeves from before and get ready to cut them into pockets. I basically just folded mine in half and cut them into the desired shape. It's important for you to keep the hem in-tact though.

This is the shape I went with for mine. You can do whatever shape you like.

Carefully cut two little slits through the top layer of your hem where the little lines are.

Using a safety pin run ribbon through the ends of your pocket hem and out the little center slits.

Pin your pockets to your vest being sure to turn the edges under so that you have a clean line. Sew your pockets on.

Tighten and tie your ribbons. Your pockets should look something like this.

(optional) To add a little edge to your vest, sew a zipper down the center back.

(optional) I chose to sew lace down the back of mine.

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