Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fashion Icon: Tori Amos

I've been trying to upload a video on how to tie a Turban for the past several days with zero luck. Something fishy going on with Blogger I guess. So to tie everyone over until I can get the damned thing up and going I'm going to finally start on my Fashion Icon pieces. I've collected a huge group of fashion icons and basically just picked one at random so without further adieu...

I was first drawn to Tori Amos in 2004 by her music. But after recently seeing a live performance where she wore this AMAZING hat, I became drawn to her fashion choices.

Tori is normally drawn to a neuteral color palette, and no one can accuse her of going off her color wheel. She sticks with pale creams, light grays, pale peachy pinks, and warm browns and earthy greens.

While her colors are normally subdued her accessories make bold statements and are show pieces.

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  1. oh, i love her. she's my absolute favorite- i've been meaning to do a post about her looks that i love. thanks for sharing!
    i'm following your cute blog now!
    i'm at if you'd like to check it out and possibly follow me :)