Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sailor Skirt

It's officially Fall! Which means I can show all of you how to do knit wear without actually knitting! I'm excited because I've been saving up my sweaters for this. So I'm not going to do knit wear today but I am going to show you how to recon an old sweatshirt into a sailor skirt! I love mine and think it's great for both spring and fall. This is a pretty simple tutorial because I cheated and used a pencil skirt I already had as a pattern. Enjoy.

Start with a gigantic sweatshirt in a navy, red or white color to go for the nautical theme.

Remove the sleeves because you really don't need them.

Now flip your sweatshirt upside down so that what was the hem becomes to top of your skirt. Place your pencil skirt on top of the sweatshirt and trace.

(if you aren't using a pencil skirt as a pattern and are freestyling it. Measure where you want to skirt to sit and divide that by 4. Markt he center of your sweatshirt and mark out from the center the number you get after dividing by 4. Example: 27/4= 6.75 Measure your hips and do the same. 37/4=9.25. Measure the distance between your waist and your hips and mark that. Then connect the dots.)

Make sure to leave room for seam allowance when cutting out your pattern.

Next turn your right sides together and pin and sew your skirt together using a straight stich. Remember, the thicker your material the longer your stitch should be. Follow your straight stitches with a zig-zag stich and cut off any access fabric.

Finally fold and hem your skirt and sew using a straight stich.

Next you get to pick out what buttons to use. Using different buttons will change the look of your skirt.

When you decide on what buttons to use mark where you want to place them using your chalk. Be sure to measure equal distances with your measuring tape.