Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yay or Nay?

Ok, so I posted a HUGE playlist of some of my favorite bands and songs on my blog. I was thinking of having a lot of fun with this, like next month posting a Halloween playlist and Christmas music during December, that sort of thing. But I'd love to know what your thoughts and opinions are on it. I realize I listen to some out there music so most of you probably haven't ever even heard of half the bands on the current playlist and it isn't exactly elevator music. Give me some feedback.

Another thing I was thinking about doing was sort of inspired by one of my favorite craft sites CO+K. Basically doing a spotlight on a fashion icon every couple of weeks and then later maybe doing a tutorial on something inspired by them. Yay or nay? If I do this I'd love to hear from all of you who your fashion icons are or who you'd like to see spotlighted.

Also, I'd like to remind all of you that while, I really enjoy doing this blog and it's lots of fun for me- it's really a blog for you. So if there is something I'm doing that you don't like, do like or have an idea on, let me know. Or if there is something I'm not doing that you'd like to see me do, let you know.

I'm trying to keep up with all of your blogs and have been adding them as I see them and checking your posts daily. I try to comment if I have something to say or what-not but if I missed your blog and you'd like me to check it out just hit me up and I will do that.

Thanks for all of your support, this blog wouldn't be nearly as much fun if I didn't have you guys supporting it.

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