Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knitted Headband

So the first project from our Fall Knitted wear is a really simple project that you will be able to do with some of the scraps from some of our projects. I over-worked myself yesterday and made a ton of projects and tutorials so I have a few ready-made.

So you are going to be using a long sweater piece for this. Trust me you'll have one of these left over from scraps if you do some of the other projects I'll upload later.

Cut your piece so it fits your head. Don't worry about seam allowance because it's a knit it should stretch. Fold your piece in half and sew.

Set your machine on a zig-zag stitch and on a very small stitch length (mine was on 1 which was the smallest I could go). Sew along the raw edge of your headband, stretching your material as you go so that it ruffles.

Next take your remaining material and cut 2-3 circles from it in different sizes.

Use the same technique as before to get the ruffled edges.

Stack your pieces on top of each other add a botton to the center for a flower. Sew on to your headband and you are done!

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