Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Style Icon: Debbie Harry A.K.A Blondie

I recently watched CBGB in my effort to stock up on Alan Rickman since his tragic passing, and although I am not generally a fan of the Punk rock band Blondie, I was instantly struck by her in the movie.

And as it has been such a long time since I have done a style icon feature, I determined it was time I did one. Please pardon me if I am a bit rusty on this.

So one thing stood out right away when I did an image search on Debbie Harry and that was this styled top, dress, jumpsuit. She certainly loved this cut. I'm thinking there is a future DIY on this.

But the other thing that I love about her is how effortlessly sexy she is. There's nothing overtly obvious about her sex appeal and yet it is there.

There is a natural ease and grace about her that really makes her remarkable to look at.

She can be completely covered and still be so sensual. It seems to radiate from her very being.

Unlike so many style and sex icons of today, she never needed to be in your face with her breasts, legs or ass. I wish more stars today took a page from her book. To know that you can be completely outrageous without displaying every thing you've got.

Her style was timeless, classic and


Of course that doesn't mean she won't help you along if you still don't get it. 

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