Monday, February 8, 2016

Best Valentine's Day DIYs For Him and What Not To Make

So a little over a week ago I posted 10 Truly Different Valentine's Day Gifts Ideas for the Man in Your Life  if you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend you check that out.

This week I'm going to share my tried and true DIYs that your man will actually appreciate.

I'm going to spare you some time too because there are a lot of cute DIYs out there for men that I've tried and let me tell you, while Josh appreciated the thought and effort- he didn't really care for the gift. Save yourself the trouble on the following DIY gifts when it comes to your man.

1. Stuffed Animals

Unless the man in your life is under the age of 10, don't make him a stuffed animal. He doesn't care, nor is he going to snuggle with it when you aren't around. It's going to end up in some obscure place and you're not likely to see it. 

2. Felt Fortune Cookies

I spent some stupid amount of time making these felt fortune cookies and I'm pretty sure that Josh didn't really bother to read them. And I think the cookies themselves ended up in the trash.  

3. Love Letters

I spent so much time making this beautiful little leather bound book filled with poetry I wrote throughout our relationship. Hand dyed all the paper, wrote everything in calligraphy, hand cut leather silhouettes of us etc. Don't get me wrong, Josh thought it was really cool and it's sitting in his bedside stand, but he doesn't ever read it. It's a beautiful keepsake and I'm sure it will be treasured but  in hindsight I should have just bought him a basket full of his favorite candies.

Now that we got the things that aren't worth your time DIYing for your man, let's talk about the things you should make for him.  This list will be longer, I promise.

1.  An Ice Pack

I know what you're thinking. These seems like a crazy idea- but I made one for Josh to include in his 30 presents for 30 years and he loves it. It is constantly in use, whenever he has a fever or a sore back this sucker comes out of the icebox. It's covered in a soft flannel and I hand appliquéd it to look like a vintage game boy. And as you can see by his fb post above, he really appreciates this.

2.  A Heart Footprint or hand print.

I made this for Josh on our son's first Valentine's Day and it's one of those keepsakes that Josh really loves. We have it in a shadowbox, in which I am getting ready to add a small play dough heart that Matthew made Josh last month. 

3.  A Mixed CD.

A few years ago I made Josh this mixed CD with a bunch of songs from different movies we had gone to see together. He loved it and it was a nice way for us to relive some of our favorite memories together. It also got us in the mood to watch some of those movies again and that meant more time together!

4. A Box of Homemade Sweets

A few years ago I spent a day baking different treats for Josh. I made his favorite cookies: pink white chocolate macadamia nuts, red velvet cheesecake brownies, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries. It was a goodie box full of his favorites and he loved it. 

5. A Romantic Meal

You could make him his favorite breakfast in bed, or surprise him with a romantic dinner for two. One year I spent some serious time at the dollar tree picking up candles and crystals and decorating our apartment for an indoor picnic. I set out a blanket and cushions and made him a gourmet pizza and double layered chocolate coffee cake. Your guy is sure to appreciate the time you put into feeding him, especially if you like me don't ever cook.

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