Monday, February 15, 2016

DIY Easy Shift Dress. Sweater Upcycle

I wonder how many women have a crotchet cardigan in their closet like I do?

I purchased one really fast one day when I needed a black sweater for work. Got to love retain dress codes. Seriously, why do retail stores like to make their works invisible by making them wear all black? I wore this sweater quite a bit for my old job and then this happened.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I still wore it even after which probably didn't help the hole much.
So I decided to save it. First I marked around the hole and under the bust with my tailors chalk.
And then I cut around it.  I failed to photograph the next steps, because after that I started to feel clueless on what I was doing-literally I didn't determine what I where I was going with this until about 20 minutes ago. I decided to go back and cut the original lattice crochet that went around the sweater and I searged it back on around the neckline. Of course if you don't have an overlock machine you could use a zig-zag stitch or an overlock stitch if you have a higher-end machine.
It looks like stitch G represented above. You may need a special foot for this stich- having never needed to use my machine for this I can't say for sure.
Next I rummaged through my bin of "To Be Upcycled" clothes and came out with this dress that I have literally had since the 90s. Yes, if the fabric is good I will hold on to something for 20 years.
I cut the top off and serged the skirt to the crotchet top.
Lastly I laced a matching ribbon through the lattice work for a corset look. Worn over my favorite black full slip and I've got a great dress that I suspect I'll be able to wear through the seasons.


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