Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ManCrates Meets Woman Crates

Ever hear of Man Crates before? If not you should check them out. This is among the coolest companies out there for great gift ideas for the man in your life. There practically is a crate for every man in your life.

One of the coolest man crates out there caters to the nostalgia that is inherently built into us all. Everyone loves to relive those wonderful memories of childhood, your favorite toys, games and movies all bundled up to immortalize those flittering childhood years.

So I was asked by the company of Man Crates to write a post fueled by my history, childhood memorabilia, and love for all those wonderful things that shaped me into the person I am today. What a fun project and let me tell you, really hard to narrow down the list.

Gel Pens- I'm not sure how kids today get through school without these but it was a must have staple for any girl living through the 90s.

And when you weren't rocking the multi-colored gel pens you were dreamily doodling with one of these babies.

I loved feathered pens so much I happily used them all through high school well after they stopped being cool. 

Now the 90s was a decade when everything was real... fake

I mean, talk about a time to invest in the plastic market. Plastic was everywhere!

From the shoes on our feet

To how we styled our hair

Even our furniture was made of plastic!

We were plastic stick on earrings

And plastic jeweled t-shirt clips

And what self-respecting 90s girl could ever forget the plastic tattoo checkers that practically chocked the nation?

We even had plastic pencils

But let's get real for a moment, shall we?

Because the 90s was a simpler time.

Where people were wholesome

Families stuck together

You could sit down and watch television with your parents, and enjoy it together.

God was welcomed into our homes rather than shunned from it.

In short, what I miss most about the 90s, isn't the magnitude of junk we collected. And we sure collected a lot of it. It was the values that made the 90s so memorable. Even amidst Columbine, Heaven's Gate, Y2K hysteria and the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Theresa in quick succession, we were so privileged. We were privileged to have lived in a time where innocence was still not lost. When family values held together. When you could turn on the TV and watch these great American Families:

If you lived in the 90s and had any doubt as to whether or not you lived during a great time, just consider what sort of values kids today are being fed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At least when we were kids, our parents sat down and had dinner with us at the table. 

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