Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1920s- 1940s Inspired Fall Fashion

Vintage fashion is one of the desperate loves of my life. I often wear vintage and vintage reproduction clothing in my daily life. In the spring and summer I go more for the bright vibrant 1950s and 60s styles but in the fall and winter I fall more in love with the rich tones of the 1030s and 40s.

Of course getting these luxe looks in an every day outfit is no easy feat. So here are some ideas to introduce the glamour and richness of the 1920s-40s into your daily wear without looking like a costumed character.
Wearing a textured sweater with a modern high waisted pencil skirt in a rich color. With a vintage scarf and small leather handbag provide for a lady-like 1940s inspired outfit without looking like you've forgotten what decade you're in.
Consider investing in a pair of oxford inspired pumps like these being sold on Unique Vintage.
The devil is in the detail. I love this bright orange vintage 1930s day dress with lace applique cut outs. Simplicity has come out in the past couple of years with an amazing vintage inspired line that gives you these amazing looks. 

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