Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY Brown Paper Bag Gift Wrap

This year for Christmas, I've decided to get crafty.

So utilizing the stock pile of brown paper bags I had been hoarding all summer, as well as some acrylic paint and a couple of stencils I made from an old greeting card. I came up with this:

So here is the simple DIY that the whole family can use.
FYI- some simple sewing is required for this, so get your sewing machine ready with some festive thread.
To begin, place out your gifts in the way you intend to wrap them so you can get the basic idea of shape and size that you need when cutting out your paper.
Next start cutting out your bags to the desired shape and sizes.

Using your stencil's or stamps- decorate your bags. (you can make your own stencils using card stock or stamps from potatoes)
Make sure when you cut out your wrapping, you are cutting with plenty of room all the way around- the gift should be able to move around slightly when you're done.
Fold your paper in half and sew up two of the open sides using a zig-zag stitch and a fun colored thread- make sure to leave one side open to place your gift in.

Place your gift inside and sew up the remaining side.
And just like that you're done!
Now you have a good old fashioned brown paper package tied up with string- with a modern twist.








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