Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Sea Glass Pinterest review

So I've been wanting to make my own diy sea glass since I saw this pin:

Unfortunately all the links I found for this were duds and since I am supposed to be blogging about pinterest pins and reviewing them that didn't work in my favor.
So I went with this pin instead:
She used a mixture of mod podge, dawn dish soap and food coloring.
I picked red to go with another red vase I had laying around.
And I picked this vase because I thought that the texture would be interesting

First coat drying... now this is the only picture I took of the process but I'll give you a quick run down. I did three coats all together, the last coat I added a couple drops of blue to get it a darker hue and then put in a couple more drops of red.
Although none of the tutorials I found did this, I realized that I needed to do something else to achieve the look I wanted. So setting my oven at 170 degrees (the lowest setting my apartment standard oven would allow me to go) I set my vase in for about 10 minutes which was really about all the time I had.

My plans are to cut some branches turning into autumn and placing them in my new vase for some fall colors.


  1. Wow! It turns out really great. It is beautiful. And I really love to try making this DIY project too. But how long did it take you in making it?

    1. Thank you, in total it took about 1 hour (including the time I baked it) It was a very simple project I could do while my son was napping.