Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Childhood Halloween Costume Inspiration

Halloween is just slightly over a month away and I would like to inspire everyone into remembering the joy of their childhood this year in some amazing blast from the past costumes.

Starting back to your younger days- think back to those innocent days when the first game you learned to play was Candyland...

Not wanting to go the sweet route? If you're feeling a bit Outrageous this year- here is the costume for you.
And if you want to take that 80s cartoon love a step further, here is one you're bound to love.
If you're feeling like this is all too much for you, how about taking a trip to Fraggle Rock?
But if you think Jim Henson's Fraggles are too tame for you, you could always go as Skeksi
And if the darkness of the dark crystal doesn't get your heart pumping, then the Darkness will.
But don't be afraid, you've got luck on your side.
Too much 80s goodness for you? Maybe you're more a 90s child?
Have no fear Quailman is here!
Feeling too old to dress as Quailman? Here's something positively prehistoric.
If adventure you seek, you won't find it here.
Now get on your gum shoes and start searching~


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