Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashion Icon: Effie Trinket

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with a blog- with my son becoming mobile, I am finding myself more busy than ever. But I am still sewing- it just takes a bit longer.

So today is a fashion icon, and it's one I am sure you- as well as me; know and love.

Effie Trinket.

What I love about Effie in the first movie is how she feminizes her structured wardrobe with lots gathers and flowers.  It's something you will notice in every piece she wears, there are tons of billowing gathers- a large flourish of flours and a fabulous fascinator.

From Hunger Games: Catching Fire

In the photos that have dropped of Effie in Catching fire we see she has put away her fabulous collection of hats and while one of the dresses has ruffles which capture the spirit of the gathers from her previous wardrobe, she has clearly changed up her signature style. Flowers are gone, fascinators are out- but Effie is still Effie.

Effie Trinket, while self-observed is still a highly loveable character, unlike some of the women who I suspect may have had a role in her inspiration.


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