Monday, July 8, 2013

DIY Nautical Romper from Dress

A few months ago I picked up this stripped dress from the thrift store-

I loved the pattern, but not the style.
So I started transforming my dress by first removing the top portion with my seam ripper.
Then, taking a pair if shorts I already had for a pattern I cut out 4 pieces for my shorts.
To make less work for me I used the original side seams and hem lines.
Open up your short pieces and lay them right sides together with the original seaming in the center,
Sew the open sides together.
Next take your original side seams and re-fold your shorts so that those seams are on the sides.
Sew up the open V shape you will now see in the center.
Set shorts to the side and take up what is left of your skirt. Mine happened to be in the perfect trapezoid shape once I flipped it around and cut off a little excess.
Snip the corners of the top for arm holes.
Hem the arm holes and top.
Lastly pin the bottom of your top to the top of your bottoms with right sides together and sew.
Lastly, I repurposed the original straps from my dress to make ties for my romper.
And that's it!


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