Monday, September 24, 2012

2012 Emmy Awards

Ok, so- I totally didn't know this was going on last night until it was almost over. I caught enough of the fashion that I had to do a fashion wrap up.

So here it is. Let's start with the trendy girls shall we?

Anna Gunn is not pulling off this tren very well in my opinion. There's too much material, it makes her look big and her hair is just the first of many bad hairstyles at the Emmy's last night.
Cat Deely's dress is almost identical to Anna Gunn's dress but it's more fitted so that's good. But once again the hair just fell flat. I also am not a fan of her bag. It sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ginnefer Goodwin is one of my favorite actresses but his dress looks like a bedspread. I think her hair and make-up are beautiful but between the dress and the shoes she's very matchy-matchy. Not cute Ginnefer.

Gretchen Mol probably did the worst with this trend. She looks short, she looks stumpy and everything from her shoes to her bag matches her dress which makes her look like she got fashion advice from her grandma. I'll give her props on the hair at least.

Jessica Lange- well, it's a frumpy dress in a bright color. That's al I can say.

Lindsay Pulshipher- I don't like anything about this. The dress makes her boobs look saggy and her middle look wide with those two wide gatherings. Her hair is sloppy and she just looks like she stole a dress from someone two sizes bigger than her.

Nancy O'Dell looks pretty modern in this dress. I don't get the white stripe but she looks pretty and she's not going as bright as the other women which I appreciate, because it's fall.

Padma Laskshmi looks beautiful. The color of the dress really compliments her skin tone. It's simple and elegant and her hair doesn't look like dead like so many other women I could mention. I think she pulled this trend off.

Shaun Robinson was the last to wear this trend. Just like Padma she kept it clean and simple and she looks very pretty I think.
The second most popular trend on the red carpet last night was not far from the first;
Claire Danes is pregnant so I understand her problem (being pregnant myself) but this dress didn't work. As a pregnant woman I know there are ways to dress yourself that look great and this wasn't it.

Julianne Moore probably is my least favorite in this trend. It's all head to toe yellow, everything is covered and it washes her out. It looked horrible on camera and it wasn't a good choice for her.

Julie Bowen on the other hand really puled the trend off. (I admit, I hate this color on everyone who wore it last night) but the dress is pretty and she kept it simple so it worked.

Kaley Cuoko is again someone I love who left me sad. The dress didn't fit, it was too big up top and too long. I think if it was fitted she'd look great- but it didn't fit and so it doesn't look good.

Leslie Mann also wore this trend but she did it pretty clean. I liked this on her but the hair wasn't my favorite.
Next I'm going to focus on the women who seemed to forget what year it was, how old they were and that they aren't on a gameshow.
the 90s are over Amanda Peet and you aren't doing them any justice in this dress. It washes you out, it makes your figure boxy and your hair looks like you're a 16 year old girl on your way to school.

Amy Poehler is wearing a lovely vintage dress previously sported by Vera White, or at least that's how it looks.

Betsy Brandt is wearing her old bridesmades dress that she wore to her cousin's wedding. It was made out of cheep polyester and her hair-- well aside from flopping over it's intention was bad. (But her hairstylest apparently was busy that night because there are several woman sporting the same bad look)

Christine Baranski forgot not only how old she is, but what year it was. This isn't the 90s and she's no longer the funniest women on tv. And she looks like a disco-ball in this dress.

Connie Britton also shopped in Vera White's old closet.

Heidi Klum is too old! She's too old for this! And she's too beautiful to do this. Why does she need two long slips going up to her panties and one low cut slit going down to them? And also, I hate that her shoes are the exact same color as her dress. Bad super model, bad!

Jane Krakowski is again, wearing Vera White's dress and some bad 90s make-up to boot.

I think Julia Ormond wore this dress in the 90s, she just added the bad-bedazzled ice skater sleeves. And apparently she had her hair done by the same person that Betsy Brandt had.

Kristen Wiig borrowed something her 12 year old daughter wore to the 7th grade dance. If i were her daughter, I'd be embarassed. 

Ok Mayium Bialik, I've loved you since your Blossum days. I love you more now on Big Bang. But for heaven sakes you were on What Not To Wear for this reason! I know you have a splint and you're trying to hide it but it's OK- this dress, is not. But your hair is very pretty and so is your make-up. I still love you.

Sarah Hyland has the opposite problem of Kristen Wiig- She was born in 1990 which means she was a sophmore in high school when I started working in high school. You're only 22 and you look like you're still 16! Dress younger! Don't dress like you're 30! It doesn't work!
Whoo! That was scary! But don't think because I got through that, that I'm anywhere near done with the ugly- it gets worse!
Ready for it? Ok, let's try to rip this off fast like a band-aid.
Ashley Judd kept it safe with this unmemorable dress but that hair! Oh my lord she let her hairstylest go crazy! She should fire whoever did this because this was just awful!

Christina Hendrics is a beautiful curvy woman who for some reason, is always bursting out of her dress. The fabric is pulling because it's too tight, I'm scared if she sits down it's going to rip and the color washed her out completely.

Elizabeth Moss- I love myself a 50s sarong but the ruffle on top and bottom isn't a good look and the high-low isn't doing you any favors and don't get me started on how you flopped on the hair and make-up. Because that's what it did- flopped.

Glenn Close you are amazing. Why did you wear this dress? I don't have words.

Julianna Margulies, the shape of this dress is stunning on you- the print is terrible. I love your hair and make up but why did you wear your grandma's tapestry?

Kat Dennings is shaped like me, she should not wear strapless, she should not wear sweetheart. It does not work on us because we are too-curvy and sweetheart and strapless will drag down under the weight of our--curves.

Oh Kelly Osborne, you're asking to be kicked off fashion police. The dress looks stunning on her but the fact that her hair is the same color as her dress is sad. And the purple lipstick is even more sad.

You might wonder why Kerry Washington is here, the dress is lovely- I just can't get past the bad hair. She's not the only star who got it right with the dress and wrong with the hair- she's just the worst offender.

Lana Dunham is wearing a curtain dress that is way too big for her and makes her look huge.

Melissa McCarthy is also wearing a curtain. I get you're a full-figured woman- doesn't mean you can't be sexy. You shouldn't have to cover up like you're in full mourning and I guarantee, if you showed your arms, people will find you far more appealing than you think.

Ok here is the worst of the worst. Zosia Mamet. I don't even know who she is but this was so bad I had to show it. It's scary.
Ok, we're going to go through this next section really fast. They aren't bad, they aren't great- they kind of sat in the middle. So don't be scared. Things are getting better.
Archie Panjabi in a shocking blue gown.

Anna Chumsky is wearing a very figure flattering gown with bad hair and make up. Oh well, you can't get them all right.

January Jones is wearing a gorgeous dress, I want to rip it off her body. Why is she here? She's so match-matchy it's sad. Shinny shoes, shinny purse. And her hair and make-up is really bad. I also think she needed some jewelry, she doesn't have any on and it's missing.

Maria Menounos is safe.

Martha Plimpton is wearing a nice dress, with a bad hair-do. This is happening a lot.

Michelle Dockery is wearing a nice dress that didn't travel well. It needed to be steamed.

Marena Baccarin has a boob problem. But I think the color and drape of the dress is beautiful. I just don't like the boob problem going on there. It's too much.and it looks like an arrow going down to her... the more I look at this dress the less I like it. Ug.

Sarah Paulson is pretty dull. But she's safe so I can't nag on her.

Shannon Woodward looks like she put her skirt on backwards. Why is the train in the front?

You might want to know why Sofia Vergara is here. I LOVE this dress, it's stunning- but she's stunning, and so the dress doesn't need to be so stunning. It's too much pretty in one place.
Beth Behrs looks pretty, her hair and her make up and her dresss- its pretty. Just not outstanding.

Brooke Burke has a beautiful dress, beautiful hair, beautiful make up- I'm just not in love.

Emily VanCamp- I've seen this dress a million times.
Ok before we hit the best of them, I'm going to flash you the guys. It's not so bad.
Alec Baldwin with Hilaria Thomas. They match- it's so cute I could puke.

Carson Daley with some girl in a moo-moo.

Jim Parsons! Squeek! Fan girl moment here- I love him and I love this, it's so classic, 1940s Hollywood glammer!

Jimmy Fallon

Johny Galecki- looks like a hobbit in blue velvet. Not loving it.- love him though.

I'm NOT a fan of Kevin Costner (on a personal level). But he looks sharp.

Mario Lopex however let me down. You're too good looking for this. Your pants look uncomfortable too.

Matthew Perry played it safe.

Peter Dinklage gave all the other men a schooling in how to dress. He looks amazing! What a lucky girl to be able to show up with a guy who can dress.

Rico Rodriguez had fun with what he wore. He could have had it tailored though, because it needed it.

Tom Hanks
Ok now let's get to the best!
Alexandra Breckenridge looks stunning in this dress. I'm worried about her falling in those shoes. But I love this dress.

Allison Williams may not be the most memorable but she did everything so beautifully that I have to give her props.

Guiliana Rancic looks stunning. Clean and simple.

Hayden Panettiere I could rip this dress off of you! The moment I saw her in it I fell into deep lust for this dress. It blew me away.

Jena Malone looks so cool and fresh. I love this. I would wear this.

Jessica Pare is also stunning and simple and I love this old Hollywood glam.

Julia Louis- Dreyfus looks beautiful. She nailed it.

Kate Mara looks so young and fresh and I love this color on her.

Yay Kathy Griffin! Normally she looks like a little person in her clothes but she looks like a knock out in this.

Kiernan Shipka looks age appropriate and sweet and I love that she didn't over-dress.

I can't take my eyes off of Lucy Liu in this dress. She looks so tiny and shinny and its pretty.

Tina Fey looks stunning. I love this. She did it all right.

Zooey Deschanel has a signature look, she stuck with it- it's not my favorite dress but she looks great. I give her props.
Whoo! That was a lot- maybe we need less stars on our planet? I don't know but that was fun. Hope you enjoyed it.

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