Saturday, September 1, 2012

Studded Clutch Refashion

Ahoy Matey!
What You'll Need: an old purse or clutch
                         needle nose pliers
                 marking tool
                         scissors (optional)
                                     fabric for lining (optional)
                               hot glue gun (optional)
Start by picking the purse/clutch that you want to DIY.
I have this old 1980s vinyl one that I picked up at a church swap.
I started with a little bit of deconstruction. I removed the straps and the inside lining (which was in bad shape)
I then traced out the shape I wanted onto the front of the bag. However, I would suggest NOT using marker- as I had a job of removing it later.
Using your pliers (needle nose being the best), push in your studs and fold down the tabs.
Next, I needed to address the lining issue. I picked out some fun fabric and laid my purse down on it cutting around it.
Next I serged aroud the outside of my lining with right sides together.
Using my hot glue gun, I carefully glued the lining into the inside of my bag.
Ta-Da! New clutch!



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  1. this looks great! adorable redo. well done!
    <3 mode.