Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Tye Back Top

While browsing Pinterest I came across a top that I just knew I could DIY:

And when a girl at my work presented me with a t-shirt that described my feelings for my current situation pretty well, I knew exactly what I would do with it. Of course, you could use any type of top to do this- as above is a more blousy top.

What you'll need:
Top of your choice
Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors
Tailors Chalk
Straight Pins
Measuring Tape
and a Straight Edge.

Start by removing the neckline and sleeves.
Now use your straight edge and tailors chalk to mark a straight line along the back about 2 inches below the under arm.
Cut along that line.  (I also ended up cutting open the side seams that were left so that the top back was only attached along the shoulder seams.)
This part might seem a little tricky (but it's not.) Take the top half of the back and fold in half, lining up the seams.
Cut in half along the fold line.
Now take your measuring tape and measure your back under your bust. Subtract 2 inches from that measurment and cut a piece of elastic to that length.
Fold your elastic in half and mark with tailors chalk.
Now fold the bottom back portion in half and mark the top center with tailors chalk.
Pin the center of your elastic to the center of back of your top. (Make sure that your shirt is turned inside out at this point- very important)
Then pin the ends of your elastic to the ends of your top.
Sew your elastic on to your shirt using a zig-zag stitch and sewing along the edge. Be sure to stretch the elastic as you sew.
Fold over and sew down using a straight stitch and again, stretch as you sew.
Next try on your top and pin your new side seams for the top of your blouse.
Sew that seam.
The back of your top should look something like this now.
Next take one of your sleeves, remove any seaming and open it up.
Fold in half and cut open.
Pin and sew to the open cut on the back of your top.
And that's it! Tie your back and you are done!

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