Thursday, November 10, 2011

Two T-Shirt Reconstructions (tutorials)

After Halloween I purchased 3 t-shirts for 70% off the origional price which made for a great deal for me. The problem was that they all shrunk in the wash to sizes I can't imagine many people could have fit into. One of them I couldn't even begin to fit over my head. Luckily there are methods of stretching one's t-shirt to a better fit.

So I thought I'd do a couple of fast recons- each taking less then 15 minutes to do. (the second will only take you about a minute)

So let's start.

These are the shirts I purchased (the black one is the one that really shrunk)

So I started with the purple.

Fold it so that your side seams match up.

Next at the top of your shirt cut a triangle out like so.

Repeat cutting triangles down your shirt as far as you like to go.

Next fold your shirt over about an inch like so;

Cut triangles down a second row stopping right below the last one on the first row.

Repeat that process until you've gone as far over as you want to go. I put a bright colored t-shirt under mine so you can see what it looks like when finished.

Stratch the back of your shirt and then remove the hem of your shirt.

Cut fringe along the bottom of your shirt.

Stretch out fringe.

My cat decided to see what I was up to at this point.

I decided I wanted the fringe on my sleeves to be as long as possible so I removed the seam in my sleeve using a seam ripper but if you don't want to do this part you can just cut off the hem and begin to cut fringe on your sleeve if you want.

Stretch out fringe on sleeves.

Take two strands on fringe on the sleeves only and tie them into knots.


For the second top start by cutting the collar away from the back of the t-shirt.

Cut the collar away from the front as far down as you want to go without actually removing the collar.

Clean up the collar then lay your shirt so the top side seams meet.

Cut out a pie wedge shape so that your shirt becomes off-the shoulder.

Stretch the shirt so it curls and you're done!

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