Friday, November 4, 2011

Buying DIY: Soap

I love DIYing my own stuff but there are some things I have neither the talent or the time to make like soap.

In the past I've always been hesitant to even use homemade soaps. Most handmade soaps come in bar form which is drying and hard on the skin but as an adult I've struggled with something I didn't have as a teenager- acne!

After reading my friend Monica talk about her home business selling homemade soap on etsy I decided to support her by checking out her store . I discovered a face soap she made for women suffering from acne and decided to give it a try.

The ingredients were pure vegetable glycerin, goat's milk soap bases, olive oil, green tea, honey, vitamin e oil, dye and fragrance. Let me tell you, in the time I used this soap I didn't have a single serious break out, not during my period, not when I was stressed out or depressed, not when I started a new job. I went through the ringer without it showing on my face. As my bar of soap began to get smaller I stopped lathering the soap on my hands and directly applied the bar to my face. After a week of doing this I noticed something even more amazing happen. The acne scars on my face from previous breakouts began to fade. I quickly placed another larger order for the same soap, this time I modified the soap so it didn't include any dyes or fragrances and was all natural.

Monica also modified her recipe by using evaporated goat's milk instead of goat's milk base with the glycerin base in order to reduce the amount of chemicals in the soap. She also added pure glycerin and sugar to the base. The used a PVC pipe as a mold which allowed her to make all the soaps at once. I received 5 bars of soap and the total cost including shipping was under $14 which was pretty much a steal.

Ingredients: pure vegetable glycerin soap base, pure vegetable glycerin, kosher evaporated goat's milk, organic green tea (leaves and brew), all-natural cane sugar, honey, vitamin E oil, pure olive oil

I will say that she may have used too much honey in the new batch as I've noticed it sweat through a little after each use but otherwise the bars are amazing and I know I will continue to be a customer.

You can find Discordia's Apple Soap on facebook :!/DiscordiasApple?sk=wall

Or on etsy

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