Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Heart's a Tart Facinator (tutorial)

Start by making your flowers- I made some circle roses out of different fabrics. To see how I made them check out my Be My Valentine Bustier tutorial.

Cut two equally-sized heart shapes out of your felt.

Cut a much larger heart shape out of your tulle.

Pick out the headband you want to use- I am using an elastic one because it works well for this project.

Plug in your glue gun and begin to heat it up.

Cut your organza into a strip of your desired length. Burn the edges and make a bow out of it.

Take one of your felt hearts and glue the tip of your tulle to the tip of your felt so that they join together at their points. Then place your bow on top.

Glue down your flowers where you want them placed on your facinator.

Turn your heart over and place glue all over the back side.

Place your headband carefully down on your hot glue.

Cover with your second heart and let dry. Once dry clean up any edges on your felt and you are done!

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