Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Slit Back Dress (With small tutorial)

I started out with this funeral looking wool black dress from the 1980s.

I had to begin by altering the dress to better fit me. It sat a little too low in the sleeves so I removed them and raised them up slightly.

Then I removed the zipper from the back of the dress. The dress was fully lined which made things really easy for me. All I had to do was pin the lining back to the dress and sew.

I then added a hook and eye at the top of the dress to fasten the dress together.

I then re-attached the sleeves and determined how short I wanted them. I wanted quarter length sleeves.

I cut and hemmed the sleeves to my desired length.

Lastly I shortened the skirt and re-hemmed both the lining and the dress.


  1. what a cool way to revamp a vintage dress! <3

  2. Love this, the floral part on the neckline is lovely but the back is the showstopper.