Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My DIY Waterproof Camera Case

You Will Need

•Scrap Fabric
•Sewing Machine

Pretty Easy

I got a knew camera for christmas and it's digital which is pretty new for me because I've always prefered and still do prefer working with 35mm. But this is something I can carry in my purse and always have on hand if I want to take a picture. It's a Nikon Coolpix L22 and Nikon is my prefered brand of camera. They are kind of the cream of the crop and are real photographer's cameras. I wanted to have a way to carry my camera, but more importantly protect it.

I used this really soft flannel for the inside lining to protect my camera from scratches.

I also knew that keeping my camera from getting wet was really important so I used an old umbrella top to make an interfacing and then for the outside.

I used some scrap leopard print fabric and felt to make it pretty.

I put a buttonhole on the top of the case so I can slip my strap through it and easily carry it around on my wrist and it's shut using some velcro.


  1. Cool project! It's pretty awesome that you managed to make it waterproof.

  2. Yea that was massivily important to me because I've had cameras be ruined by water in the past.