Friday, January 21, 2011

DiY Leather Cuff

I fran across this picture the other day on the web and decided I had to make one for myself.

Its super easy and only takes about 10 minutes depending on how creative you get with yours.

Start by measuring twice around your wrist.

Take that measurement and cut out a piece of leather with that length plus a 3 inch width.

Next fold your piece of leather in half and curve out the ends.

Keeping your cuff folded in half (and you may want to pin it down if you aren't a steady hand) cut slits from the middle up to about 2 inches from the end.

When you are finished cutting your slits it should look like this!

Now is the fun creative part! You can spray paint your cuff a fun metalic color, studd it, cover it in rhinestones whatever. I chose to sew small garnet colored beads on mine.

To fasten yours closed you will want to pick out a fun button that you can easily put through a slip loop and sew that onto one end.

To make your little slip loop like mine take a super thin needle and thread and thread beads onto it. Bring your thread to the back side of your cuff and tie it off and youa re done!



  1. it's just lovely, dear! it looks great and it definitely almost surpasses the original <3

  2. smarty pants! this looks great!
    <3 mode.