Saturday, September 18, 2010

Then and Now: Favorite Games

A lot of bloggers have set schedules that they live by, me I just live by the seat of my pants. And a lot of fashion/craft bloggers talk about their favorite buys, favorite beauty products, or their daily outfits. Me, I'm going to do a Then and Now version of my favorite things. Basically me looking back at things I loved as a kid vs. what I love now. So today we're going to do games. To be more specific the kind you play with a board or a deck of cards, not like red rover or tag, although I liked those games too.

Ok, so here we go with my top favorite games as a kid.

Mall Madness! I loved this game as a kid. My friends and I always spent tons of time playing this game. It was just so cool with the plastic credit cards and the talking check out stand. Awesome sauce!

Sweet Valley High- I have to admit, I laughed when the tv show showed up in my recommended videos on youtube the other day.

Barbie Dream Date: Not only did I play the game but I had the Barbie on the box! lol.

Girl Talk! I had all of these and loved them all!

Barbie Queen of the Prom- This was probably one of the last board games I was into as a kid. Loved it!

Favorite computer game as a kid was hands down Oregan Trail! It was the coolest of cool games when I was a kid.

My favorite childhood game though was probably Checkers and that was because I never lost at it. I was so good at it that my dad got me super checkers because he was tired of losing, and after he got tired of losing at super checkers he taught me to play chess, which is where he had me beat.

So now you're all probably wondering what games I'm playing now? Well the answer to that is very sadly, not much. Games for me are limited to what I can play on my computer by myself. Games like Mahjong, Freecell and spider solitare are toppers. I also like the bejeweled games that grace tons of websites. It's a sad world that we have to grow up and have no one to play games with anymore. But I loved talking this walk through my favorite kid games, makes me want to collect them all again. Ha ha!

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