Monday, September 6, 2010

Re-Collar Your Collar

I love these button down blouses from Heavy Red but can't justify paying $62 for them so I decided to make my own!

This is the first in a series of collar re-dues I'm going to be doing. This is a great project for both guys and girls alike. I love it because there are so many options to this for tons of different looks.

Start by picking out the collared shirt you want to use and carefully remove the collar from the shirt using your seam ripper.

Place your old collar on a piece of paper to make a new template. I like to use newspaper because it's a great way to recycle. If you want a more exaggerated collar like mine draw your corners out.

I folded my pattern piece in half and placed it on the fold of my interfacing. Cutting around the pattern piece making sure that you leave plenty of room for seam allowance.

You're going to do the same for your chosen fabric for your collar. You should have 3 pieces for your collar.

You're going to place the RIGHT sides of your two collar pieces together and place your interfacing on the WRONG side of one of your pieces.

At this point you can also pin a zipper edge or a lace trim to your collar.

This is probably a no brainer but sew your pieces together.

If you are using fusable interfacing then you should iron it on to your collar before you sew. If not then just go on and sew around it.

Also, keep in mind that the thicker the fabric you are sewing through the longer your stitch length should be.

Turn your collar right side out and use your seam ripper to pull out the corners. Iron your seams down flat.

Pin and sew your collar back to your shirt.

If you didn't do the zipper or lace trim you can either be finished now or you can add some other adornment to your collar- I added some lace on after sewing my collar together.

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  1. This is awesome, I've added collars to dresses before but never thought to change the existing collar, you're a genius xoxox