Friday, September 3, 2010

DiY Dying Nylons and Headband

I saw this headband a few months ago and just fell over how pretty it was. So I decided to make it. Here is how.

First I decided to use an old pair of nylons because they stretch and I can make them any color I want. Start by cutting your nylons below the *ahem*.

Right once you've done that you're going to want to dye your nylons. This is super easy and if you don't want to make the headband, you could dye your old nylons fun colors for fall :D

So start by pouring 4 cups of water and 1/4 cup of vinegar in a pan and let your nylons soak in that pan for about a half an hour. That's important.

After your nylons have soaked for a half an hour, add your food coloring of choice. I went with blue and I probably used way more than I needed to, a few drops should do the trick. Then turn your stove on and let it work itself up to a boil. As a side note, this can be kind of stinky.

Let your Nylons boil in the water for about 10 minuets. Remove your nylons from the pan and pour cold water over them until the water runs clear. After that place your nylons back in the pan and let them boil for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove your nylons and drain your water. Rinse the nylons again with cold water making sure to remove any excess dye. Then hang your nylons to dry over night, or day whichever.

To make your headband start by crossing your two pieces in an X.

Turn one side of your legs under the other leg so that you have two interlocking loops.

You can sew your ends together, but I was lazy and just decided to tie them together.

And you have your headband.

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