Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weddings on the Brain

Ok so although I haven't had my formal proposal yet, its coming- its been 6 years and he made it pretty obvious the other night that he is getting ready to ask me to marry him. So I'm jumping ahead and I'm going to post a few choices I made today concerning my wedding.

1. I want my bridesmaids to be wearing mis-matched gray knee length dresses.

2. I want my flower girls to wear knee length dresses as well- and look like little girls not like little brides. This is a pretty big problem since most flower girl dresses are little wedding dresses.
So far this is my favorite flower girl dress.

3. The thing both my boyfriend and I agreed we wanted was an almost 1940s attire wedding. He wants to wear whtie gloves and carry a cane and I want to wear a fitted lace dress that feels like the 1940s.

4. I really love the 1930s/1940s veils.

5. I also really like the idea of my bridesmaids carrying clutches instead of bouquets.

Brianna Clutch with Vintage Brooch by hulagypsy on Etsy

Dreamy Blue Lili clutch by BagatellesAndCo on Etsy

Somethings Blue.

Brown And Deep Turquoise Garter Set With Rosettes And Trimmed Peacock Feathers by plainNfancy on Etsy


  1. Hi, do you know where this flower girl dress above is from? Thanks :)

  2. I'm wondering too. Do you know the designer of the flower girl dress or is there a website?

    1. I'm afraid I wrote this so many years ago that I am uncertain of the source now.

  3. I am also wondering about the flower girl dress! :D its so cute!

    1. Unfortunatly I no longer have the source for that dress.