Friday, June 4, 2010

Suspender T-Shirt How To

So I was going through the ThinkGeek catalogue that they sent me recently with my boyfriend and they had these little evolution action figures and I decided that they were missing the final evolution piece.

So inspired I was that I made my first screen printed t-shirt! yay me!

Here it is tell me what you think!

Close up!

I love it!

Also for all you geeks out there like me- this is awesome!

Watch it!

Ok so enough messing around. Recently I made a suspender t-shirt and I totally took pictures while I made it so here it is!

Ok so you will start with a large t-shirt like this one.

Then you cut off the sleeves and the collar and cut it down to your size so it fits you like a tank-top. You know the drill.

Then you're going to take your suspender thingy and make your strap the size as your suspender strappy thingy.

Then you are going to cut one side of your strap like so:

Ok so then you sew on your suspender thingy and then you sew on a button like so.

And then you wear it :)

Close up!

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