Friday, July 2, 2010

Wedding On My Brain Part Deux!

Ok so I wasn't done apparently...

I'm not sure when I decided it but at some point in the past few years or more I decided I wanted to get married on May Day.... which means 2 things! May Day Baskets and May Day Pole!

I love the idea of making these for my flower girls!

I saw these super cute fan programs and just love them! Not sure if I would do them for my own wedding but I thought I would share.

Another idea I love but am not sure about is hanging paper cranes from trees! I think its so pretty and it reminds me of a book I read as a child.

I saw someone on the web was making her own cake topper jewelry and I love it! Its the prettiest thing I've ever seen on a cake top.

Everyone who knows me, knows I make the best brownies on the planet. So when I saw these I just went crazy for the idea of it! They look so nummy I can taste them already!

Here is the link to the page that gives a great how-to make these!

Because I am a writer and I love books I think this is an amazing idea for the ring bearer!

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