Monday, May 24, 2010

"I shall pull it to pieces when I get home and see if I can't make it up any better,"


Those famous lines of Lydia as she shows of an ugly hat she purchased have inspired Regency historians alike.

Like many Reenactors, I've had to improvise and look past the modern shells of so many things sold in stores now adays to find its historical roots.


$1 4th of July Hat at Target
Ribbon and trim
Velvet or other fabric
Seam ripper
Needle and thread

(note if you purchase a hat that has the trim glued on, use nail polish remover to carefully remove the glue from the straw.)

The hat I used was this cheap hat sold at Target for $1

I was lucky that the trim was sewn on the hat- this made my job of removing it much easier. I simply ran my seam ripper along the seams to remove the trim.

Because the brim of the hat had a raw edge it was important to stabalize it by adding trim. I used a black braided trim to my hat.

Take your fabric and cut out a circle that is one inch larger than the brim of your hat. Sew a casting for a draw string and run a ribbon through it.

Place your fabric over the top of your hat and pull the draw string close around it.

You can sew your fabric to your hat and be finished or you can add a trim around the base of your hat. I chose the latter.

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