Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Who Photoshopped Celebrity Photos Are Really Hurting

By now, anyone with a computer and an internet connection has seen or heard it a million times. Pictures of celebrities are being photoshopped to look completely altered from the actual celebrities' appearance. Most websites go on tangents about how these doctored photos press unrealistic expectations on the populace. Creating false senses of reality and creating emotional duress to women everywhere as they fail to reach these perfect expectations of beauty.

Is reality so difficult to live with that you can't open a magazine without seeing a photo that has been doctored. Hell, even my brother-in-law who works as a wedding photographer admits to photoshopping pictures for clients. I have a cousin whose photos appear stunning but I imagine if you saw it without the multitude of filters she puts them through you wouldn't think too much of them.

And then you have celebrities who photoshop their own photos before sending them out into their social media universe. You have celebrities like Kim Kardashion who have built themselves up on a pile of social media and "reality" t.v. shows and yet she is incapable of being real.

How bad is it, when the celebrities themselves are now buying into the belief that they aren't good enough? So here is your answer to who really gets hurt when celebrities are photoshopped.

The person in the photo is the one who is really being hurt. They are the ones who are being insulted, lied to and made to believe that they are only as good as their appearance.

These women are being manipulated to sell covers of magazines, website articles and instagram sponsors. Their faces are making people money and we've turned them into grotesque versions of themselves. It's easy to sit behind your television and computer screen and rip an actor or actress a new one based on their appearance. Hell, I'm guilty of it too. I'll admit to having stated that Kristen Stewart looks like a 12 year old boy. But I'd probably tell her she's beautiful to her face and I'd probably mean every word of it. 

And wouldn't you if you had the opportunity to meet a celebrity? Even one you disliked? I don't like Angelina Jolie movies but I'd still say she was gorgeous if I ever saw her. But when these celebrities are being photoshopped by magazine editors, the message is clear- "pretty but not pretty enough". Even if all the photo editor does is filter the picture and change the tone of their skin. 

Oh what? You thought that only happened to black celebrities? It happens to everyone. It's a sad world we live in where the natural isn't good enough. The beauty world is making millions off of manipulating people. It's one thing to wear make-up and dye your hair. It's another to contour your whole face into appearing completely unrecognizable.

The real victims of celebrity photoshopping isn't you or I. God gave us enough sense to know that what we're seeing isn't real. That what you're really looking at is all an illusion and that no one is supposed to look that way. The real victims of celebrity photoshopping are the women staring back at you in the photo. The women who are being constantly told that their appearance isn't good enough. They are the ones slaving away on diets and work out routines and expensive products and procedures to look their best only to be told that their best isn't good enough. 

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