Thursday, March 28, 2013

DIY Beaded Blouse

Ok so week 2. Here is your second under 30 minute DIY.

This is a really easy DIY- anyone can do it- you don't need a sewing machine or a whole lot of sewing skills to do this.

What you'll need:
a blouse of your choice
pearl beads
embroidery needle

This was my blouse to begin with: It had a mock turtleneck which I loved the idea of, but it was very unflattering. So I removed the turtleneck and recut the neckline.
Start by threading your needle. I doubled my thread in half and tied a knot at the end so I have a stronger thread.
Sew on your pearls in a random order. Run your needle a few times through your fabric and bead before knotting off.
This project doesn't take long and it adds class and a bit of whimsy to any blouse. So enjoy!

New to sewing? Watch this video on how to sew on a button to see how to tie off your beads.



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