Thursday, November 1, 2012

DIY Chunky Knit Back Scrubber

Today I'm pampering myself with a few great DIYs to help me get ready for labor.
First I made a knitted back scrubber for when I'm in the shower.
What you'll need:
A chunky cotton knit fabric
additional fabric of your choice
straight pins
fabric scissors
and a sewing machine.
This project shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes- it's pretty easy.
Start with a chunky sweater that you have lying around or a scrap piece which is what I used. Cut it in a rectangle that is long enough to scrub your back.
You need to pick out a secondary fabric and cut 3 or 5 pieces that are the same length and width of your sweater fabric.
Because I'm using up scrap pieces I picked out a third piece of fabric and cut out 2 pieces that are also the same length and width of my sweater.
Pin and sew your right sides together for your front and back along the side seams.
When finished you should have 2 long pieces of fabric. Pin along the long ends and sew. Also sew one of your openings shut leaving only one open seam.
Turn right side out and press flat. Stitch your last opening closed and top stitch all the way around. (You'll want to top stitch so it doesn't twist or bunch on you later.
Lastly determine how wide your hands are and pin and sew your fabric down to make handles.
After that you're done and you can use to scrub your back in your next shower!


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