Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting Busy

Things are getting busy over here but I want you to all know I haven't forgotten about you.

I actually have 2 finished fashion tutorials that just need final photos before I am able to post them, it's simply a matter of finding the time and energy right now.

So, what am I doing that is keeping me away from all my friends here?

Well I started a new part time temp job that could lead into a fulltime job in the future. It's not a job I'd want to do forever but it's a decent job, pays fairly well and if I become fulltime I'll get insurance which I desperatly need right now.

Why desperatly need insurance? Well aside from the obvious, "just in case" moments, like last week when my wisdom tooth was hurting so badly I was ready to cry there is something that has happened that will change my life forever.

It's a BIG Secret!

We haven't even told our families yet and it's really freaking me out, I've never been so scared in my life and I'm afraid to become excited over it yet.

I hope you can keep my secret because it's a viable reason why I'm so tardy on my favorite little corner of the web of late.


We're expecting our first baby.

I hope you'll understand now why I'm away a little more than usual, between morning sickness, a new job and trying to stay awake, I feel like my hands are full.

We'll be going in for our first appointment and ultra sound on Tuesday and hopefully everything will check out all right. Keep us in your prayers as I really need them right now.

Lots of love