Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Forever 21 Inspired Lace and Chain Collar Necklace DIY

(I had to give it a grand title hee hee!)

Ok so this is a really easy project and as it stated in the title it was inspired by a few necklaces I saw at Forever 21. And what's great about it is that it is super cute, can be worn with just about anything and it's a great statement piece.

What you'll need:

-A lace collar, I had one my grandmother had made and one I had ripped off of an old blouse of my mum's I went with the one that had been my mum's because it fit the chain I had.
-A chain necklace
-Lace thread. You don't want to use a regular thread on this project because it will snap from the weight of the chain. I suggest using a lace tatting thread or a crochet lace cord. Either will work and you can find them at your local craft store in the crochet isle for around $3.
-Something to watch or listen to while you're doing this project.
-And some embelishment of your choice (but only if you want to).
-Needle nose pliers. (suggested)
-Snap (optional)

To begin with start by tying a knot to one end of your chain making sure to double knot it so it's really tight and secure. Cut off the excess thread that you don't want sticking up and showing later.

Start to sew your thread in and out betwen your lace and your chain. It's kind of like a whip stitch. Make sure you go through each chain link so you don't have any wonky gaps.

Sew until you reach the end of your collar. Tye it off making sure you have a nice secure knot. Then remove any excess chain with your needle nose pliers

If you like it as it is you can be done.

Or you can embelish it...

using an old jewelry pendent,

A pretty bow,

Or a flower.

I chose to go with a classic bow. I used a snap to attach it to the opposite side so it didn't tilt off to the side.

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