Monday, February 27, 2012

Fabric Card (Valentines Day?)

So I made this card for Valentine's Day. I made the tutorial and then I forgot all about it! Oops! I hope you'll forgive me. But you can make a card like this for any occasion and I think it's great for moms, dads, boyfriends, grandparents- you'd be hard to find someone who wouldn't appreciate this.

What you'll need:
Fabric pens/markers
Fabric scissors
Embroidery floss
Embroidery n

Iron on interfacing
Ribbon (optional)
Sewing machine

Start by picking out your front and back fabric. I chose white on the inside and black for the outside. Cut them to equal size (I measured mine based off of the size of a DVD cover). Press your fabric. Fold in half and press again so you have a center fold.

Take your front piece. Fold the front half in half and cut out a heart shape.

Because this was for my boyfriend I decided to rough up the edges along my heart cutout so I pulled on the loose threads to fray it.

Next take a second piece of fabric for a reverse applique. You can use any kind of fabric, I went with a white fabric and then I drew on it the first notes of music from our song.

Using your embroidery needle and thread sew your applique on.

Turn over and cut off any excess fabric.

You can use your embroidery floss to embroidery words or designs onto the front of your card.

Next take your interfacing (cut it a bit smaller than your card) and iron it on to the backside of your fabric.

Next decorate the inside of your card. Use your fabric pens to write a message. Embroider a few important words, sew pockets for small gifts. Your imagination's the limit on this one.

To finish your card you can do 1 of 2 things. You can pin the right sides of fabric together, sew around it and leave an opening to turn out and then top stitch. Or you can do like I did and pin the wrong sides of fabric together and sew around it so you have a rougher look.

My boyfriend really loved this gift and I hope you do too!

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