Friday, September 9, 2011

Fashion Icon: Calamity Jane

I suppose you all think I am nuts for thinking Calamity Jane could possibly be a fashion icon but you are wrong!

Calamity Jane was by all means a tough woman and far from being a beauty but she has a beautiful way of mixing Mountain Man and Victorian Woman looks to create an amazing style.

As a woman in the wild west who saw battle, fought along side legends like General Custard and Buffalo Bill, she was probably the only lady carrier for the Pony Express at her time.

But despite being a sharpshooter, a drunk and a hero who bravely rescued many people from almost certain death she was also a woman. She had began her career as a prostitute, and worked as a nurse in Deadwood during a smallpox epidemic. And in her later years in life she became a wife and a mother.

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  1. I'll call her look "gangster chic"
    I love looking at old photos from those days.

  2. I'd heard her name loads over the years but never knew anything about her so this was really interesting.