Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Omaha Fashion Week

This week is Omaha Fashion Week and my boyfriend and I decided to head down the other day to support our friend Lee whose clothing line Dominiincat Clothing was showing.

We met up with Cat and Tom from CO+K.

We also met up with our friend Lee's girlfriend Christine and her friend Josh.

We had pretty prime spots for taking pictures until some annoying girls got in our way.

Some of the designers took a more comical sense to their designs.

Others took a more ordinary look on things.

When it was time for Lee's show, we had to move (because of the obnoxious girls getting in our way and our photos were less prime. Luckily there were lots of photographers there to make up for the lack of photo quality that resulted in our move.

The orange dress was my boyfriend's favorite.

My boyfriend's friend Lisa came down from Portland to model. I didn't realize it was her at first and was commenting on how pretty the model was when we realized who she was and then I felt silly for pointing out the obvious.

This dress coat was my favorite. The model even let me get up and touch the stitchs which were very neat and straight.

Lee also did men's wear.


  1. Oo, I'm glad you posted these! I haven't been able to go because of night class. Maybe tomorrow....

  2. Yeah, I'm glad you posted this too. It looks like it was a fabulous show.