Monday, October 4, 2010

Rose Headband

I love this, so easy- you just need a headband, scrap material, felt and a hot glue gun. Oh and a needle and thread. Either way- super easy and a great project to do while watching TV.

Start by making lots of little rosettes. I'll link a video below on how to make them.

Once you've made your little roses cut out a piece of felt in whatever shape you like.

Sew your flowers on in random order to your felt. I recommend sewing Vs. hot gluing because you get a much neater look.

Decide where you want to have your flowers at on your headband and mark it.

Carefully place the glue on your headband and set your piece on top. Press down hard to make sure it sticks really well and you are done!

I recommend using the Flat Rose. That's what I used.

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