Friday, October 1, 2010

How to Clean and Maintain your Sewing Machine

I thought I would do a quick How-To on cleaning and caring for your machine because it seems not everyone knows how to do this.

I had been sewing with knits the day I did this so you can very clearly see how dirty my machine is.

So the first and very important thing to do is to make sure your machine is unplugged before doing ANYTHING!

Next clean your feed dogs. My machine came with a little brush for this, but if yours didn't, you can use a clean dry toothbrush with the same result. It also might be a good time to wipe off any dust that has gotten around your needle.

Next you want to open your bobbin case and remove it's inner-workings.

Wipe these parts down with a soft cloth. Good use for old scrap material lying around.

Use an air duster to remove dust on the inside of your machine.

Wipe any left over dust off with your cloth.

If you haven't bought any yet, go to the store and buy machine oil! It's important stuff. You should always follow your machine's manuel when oiling your machine. If you don't have one I suggest two drops at the center of your bobbin caseing. You shouldn't need more than 2 drops.

Put all your parts back in order and you are done!

Remember to get your machine serviced every year and if you are a heavy sewer, then you should have your machine serviced once every six months. Happy sewing!

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